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TILTREKNING (attraction)



Skulpturene står utstilt utenfor Hotel Continental i Oslo.

Skulpturparet «tiltrekning» er hogget i mørk Larvikitt og forestiller en mannlig og en kvinnelig torso. De lener seg mot hverandre i en myk, lengtende bevegelse. Skulpturene har fått titlene «Afrodite» og «Ares».

Historien om Afrodite, gudinnen for skjønnhet og kjærlighet og krigsguden Ares er den mest betydningsfulle historien om tiltrekning i gresk mytologi. De to øvde en så sterk tiltrekning på hverandre at de ikke klarte etterkomme Zeus´ forbud mot å møtes.

 Ares og Afrodite forble elskere til tidens ende; et kjærlighetsforhold som resulterte i fem barn. Ifølge noen kilder var ett av disse barna Eros, som i likhet med sin mor ble gud for kjærlighet og skjønnhet, men der Afrodite representerte den ytre, mer overfladiske, representerte Eros den dypere, intellektuelle skjønnheten.

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by Aase Melby Block – Art Historian – for “The Magazine – Corps Diplomatique”

When creative people follow their urge – to create – the moment of realization often arrives at an early age. Many artists have given accounts of such visionary glimpses, but who can beat Salvador Dali’s personal memories from when he was yet in his mother’s womb, or ‘paradise’ as he called it? He recounted in detail the colours, for example, which were the same as those in hell; red, orange yellow and a shimmering blue. And if we credit him with a magical talent, he would have known even then that his way would be that of art.

A similar story can be told of the Norwegian sculptor Fredrik K. B. who is presented in this article. At the age of five he was asked the obligatory question: What do you want to become when you grow up? The child Fredrik answered: “I already am a sculptor, I have only not started sculpting yet!”Albert

Fredrik K.B.’s story of his path to recognition as a sculptor contains all the ingredients – the dream of chiseling out figures in stone, making one’s own way without the advantage of an academy education or access to grants and scholarships. All this meant that he had to fend for himself, trust his own ability to work, and not least his talent. For a period he identified with the main character in Knut Hamsun’s Hunger, before things became considerably easier when a gallery owner in Oslo, Harald Kjeldaas, discovered the beauty, power and elegant lines of his sculptures.

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News / Notable achievements

· 2014: Life size sculptures Hotel Continental, Oslo
· 2013: Exhibition at Youngstorget square, Oslo
· 2010: Shared exhibition with E d v a r d M u n c h in Oslo.
· 2009: Awarded Young Artist of the Year, comp.
Initiated by Hotel Continental, Oslo, Norway.
· Accepted as a member of Royal British Society of Sculptors

Recent or coming exhibitions:

February 2015
Exhibition «Holmsbustuene», Holmsbu, Norway.

February – December 2014
Life size granite sculptures, Hotel Continental, Oslo

Summer 2014
Gallery Elisabeth G., Tysnes, Norway.

October – December 2013
Life size granite sculpture, main square «Youngstorget», Oslo.

Summer 2011
Shared exhibition Association of Norwegian Sculptors, Eidfjord, Norway.

March 2010:
Solo exhibition in Galerie Provence, Denmark.

October 2010
Shared exhibition with works of Edvard Munch in Oslo

October 2010
Shared exhibition with Michael Aubrey in The Colomb Art Gallery, London.

December 2009
Participating in the Biennale in Florence, Italy.

November 2009 – January 2010
Solo exhibition at Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands.

March 2009
Group exhibition Gallery Provence, Denmark.

April 2009
Accepted as an ARBS member of Royal British Society of Sculptors.

January 2009
Elected ”young artist of the year” in Norway by a jury of artists and critics in an competition initiated by Hotel Continental, Oslo. The winning sculpture is now part of the collection.

November 2008
Solo exhibition Gallery Kjeldaas, Oslo. 27 sculpotures in granite and marble, 15 sculptures in glass.

October 2008
Group exhibition Gallery Provence, Denmark.

March 2008
Group exhibition in Gallery Kjeldaas, Oslo. Amongst the works shown was “Madonna” and other works by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, Frans Widerberg, Kai Fjell, Kirsten Kokkin and more.

August 2007 – November 2007
Exhibition of life-size granite sculptures outside Hotel Continental (Nationaltheatre), Oslo, Norway.

May 2007
Exhibition “Et aarsverk” Together with (amongst others) Nico Widerberg, Frans Widerberg and Pushwagner in “La Bellevilleoise”, Paris, France.

April 2007
Member of the Association of Norwegian Sculptors.

February 2007
Solo exhibition Gallery Kjeldaas, Oslo, Norway.


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