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See the portrait video made by Pål Felix Fossum of Felixfilm



Impressions from the 2017 exhibition in City Hall Oslo (left) and the artists atelier.











Fredrik K.B. working on the two meters high «Midgardsormen» (Midgaard Serpent).



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by Aase Melby Block – Art Historian – for “The Magazine – Corps Diplomatique”

When creative people follow their urge – to create – the moment of realization often arrives at an early age. Many artists have given accounts of such visionary glimpses, but who can beat Salvador Dali’s personal memories from when he was yet in his mother’s womb, or ‘paradise’ as he called it? He recounted in detail the colours, for example, which were the same as those in hell; red, orange yellow and a shimmering blue. And if we credit him with a magical talent, he would have known even then that his way would be that of art.

A similar story can be told of the Norwegian sculptor Fredrik K. B. who is presented in this article. At the age of five he was asked the obligatory question: What do you want to become when you grow up? The child Fredrik answered: “I already am a sculptor, I have only not started sculpting yet!”Albert

Fredrik K.B.’s story of his path to recognition as a sculptor contains all the ingredients – the dream of chiseling out figures in stone, making one’s own way without the advantage of an academy education or access to grants and scholarships. All this meant that he had to fend for himself, trust his own ability to work, and not least his talent. For a period he identified with the main character in Knut Hamsun’s Hunger, before things became considerably easier when a gallery owner in Oslo, Harald Kjeldaas, discovered the beauty, power and elegant lines of his sculptures.

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F  r  e  d  r  i  k   K.  B.

Fredrik Kjensli Bråten

Født  10. april 1978

Medlem av:

Norsk Billedhoggerforening

Royal British Society of Sculptors

Oppdrag og Utstillinger (utvalg):

Juni 2018

Kollektivutstilling hos Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo.

Desember 2017

Separatutstilling i Oslo Rådhus, 25 granittskulpturer.

September – November 2017

Granittskulptur «Kjolen» utstilt i Teaterparken, Bergen.

Oktober 2017

Separatutstilling i Kunsthuset Wendelboe, Bergen.

Mai 2017

Kollektivutstilling i Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, Odense, Danmark.

April 2017

Oppsetting av tre meter høy skulptur «Balder» i Haarlem, Nederland.

April – Juni 2017

Restaurering av ansikt og forming/hogging av ny nese (!) til Roosevelt-monumentet ved Akershus Festning, Oslo (oppdragsgiver Oslo Kommune).

Januar 2016 – Mai 2017

Nye granittøgler (utforming og hogging) til Oksefontenen på Torshov, Oslo (oppdragsgiver Oslo Kommune).

Oktober 2016

Separatutstilling Galerie Provence, Danmark

Desember 2015 – Mai 2016

Utsmykning hovedinngangen til Hotel Continental, Oslo.

November 2015

Montering av skulpturen «Veiviseren» (2,5 meter høy) Bergen.

Sommer 2014

Kollektivutstilling, Galleri Elisabeth G, Tysnes.

Oktober-Desember 2013

Life-size granittskulptur i regi av Billedhoggerforeningen, Youngstorget, Oslo.

Mars 2011

Separatutstilling Galerie Provence, Aalborg, Denmark.

Oktober 2010

Utstilling med Michael Aubrey i The Colomb Art Gallery, London.

September 2010

Delt utstilling med verker av Edvard Munch i Galeri Kjeldaas, Oslo.

Mars 2010

Separatutstilling på “EPCA 2010 conference”, Paris.

Mars 2010

Kollektivutstilling på «Kunstfort», Haarlem, Nederland.

Desember 2009

Biennale i Firenze, Italia.

November 2009 – Januar 2010

Separatutstilling på «Kunstfort», Haarlem, Nederland.

Januar 2009

Vinner av Hotel Continentals kunstkonkurranse. Vinnerskulpturen innkjøpt til hotellets kunstsamling.

November 2008

Separatutstilling Galleri Kjeldaas, Oslo.