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“At any given time, there is someone doing something distinctly different.”

Tommy Olsson – Morgenbladet


Fredrik K.B. (born 1978) is a Norwegian sculptor working in Scandinavian granite and Italian marble.

He balances life with family in Haarlem, the Netherlands, with working in solitude in his atelier in a stone quarry in Norway.

For the last 20 years he has exhibited his sculptures in galleries across Europe, including cities like Firenze, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Oslo.

He is a member of Royal British Society of Sculptors and Association of Norwegian Sculptors.


“Fredrik K.B. is an artist who prefers the old traditions. Where the hammer is an extension of the mason’s arm. Where the craft, as it were, can be felt in the body, and the execution protrudes to the fingertips.

He has not pursued the academic way, for when he applied at the Oslo Academy of art, they had shut down the class for stone sculpture, instead he was taught by other stone masons and sculptors, he acquired the necessary skill which is his heritage from the time when he for some unexplained reason was drawn to Pietrasanta and Carrara and an old stone sculptor gave him his set of tools  as a sign that he was considered worthy.”

The Work