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Fredrik’s sculptures are not abstractions, they are not even abstract, but highly concrete. They are images hewn from the rock. They are incarnated from mother earth, from matter herself…


– Geir Uthaug, Norwegian author

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Statue 6
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Statue 3
Fredrik arbeid

At any given time, there is someone doing something distinctly different. Something no one else can do, or even try. Something which, in what is both a hypersensitive and cynically-ironic art scene, appears independent enough to slip in and out of the conversation unaffected.

by Tommy Olsson, art critic Morgenbladet

It is difficult to criticise the sculptures of Fredrik K.B. without casting doubt on all human experience – which is an amusing thought until you realise this also applies to your very own experience…

It all started with a dream I had one night as a little boy. In this dream I walked into the mountain area called Jotunheimen to escape from all the people…

A portrait of Fredrik K.B. made by Felixfilm. In this video Fredrik tells about the origine of his quest of sculpting stone and what still drives him.

Photos from the atelier

To see photos from the atelier of emerging sculptures, projects and more, click the link below…

Fredrik K.B. on Instagram

«Purification» was placed on the island Singløya this summer. More to come 🌞 ...

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Home in Haarlem, resting and enjoying life with my ❤️ in the best place @nativehaarlem with so much love from so many people #vijfhoek that all those cold lonely days spent in my atelier in Norway and my caravan next to it was worth it. Exhibition in @gallerisemmingsen is on and I am off… for a little while…. 📸 @maartjegrond ...

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Five years ago I had the honor to recreate parts of the fantastic fountain «Oksefontenen» in Oslo, close to where both my parents grew up and where I myself spent much of my childhood. The artist behind the fountain is Asbjørg Borgfeldt (1900-1976) and it was with humbleness I did my best to recreate the «lizards» that in my youth still were frightening.
Thanks to @kulturetaten and @johansenmonument for giving me the oportunity to work on one of the most important sculptures of my childhood, as I for years walked past it with my grandmother and was so scared of the lizards 😅 with me on the film is, as mostly when handling difficult jobs, the one and only Christer Karlsen.

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«The Mother» cut in tordenstein from Valdres, Norway. To be seen in the exhibition «Between Eternities - 20 new stone sculptures by Fredrik K.B.» in @gallerisemmingsen in Oslo. The exhibition will run until 28th november. #sculpture #kunst ...

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A big THANK YOU to all who came to the opening in @gallerisemmingsen yesterday!
Gallery opening hours:
Wednesdays 11-17, thursdays 12-20, fridays, saturdays & sundays 12-16
🎥 by @lpjonassen
#skulptur #oslo #art #sculpture #stonecarving

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Opening today 13:00 Galleri Semmingsen, Tjuvholmen, Oslo. Stone sculptures. #kunst #tjuvholmen #skulptur #sculptures #oslo ...

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Finally ready for opening in Galleri Semmingsen on saturday 13:00 🎉
And here is an imprssion of the work in summertime, see also the one from winther. Both made by @lpjonassen
#tjuvholmen #kunst #oslo

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The sculptures have arrived in Galleri Semmingsen on #tjuvholmen
Opening saturday 23 october 13:00 - 16:00
20 new stone sculptures…
Takk for eminent kjøring og kranføring Flemming @kingsrodtransport
Og selvfølgelig mine venner @johansenmonument som alltid stiller opp for meg!

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My new atelier on the island is almost finished! Today the compressor was installed (thanx to Borge Trykkluftsenter!) and on sunday it will be filled with the FANTASTIC music of @hakonkornstad ! What an amazing building @gustaviandesign ! @pettersenperjohan du er den beste! 🎉 But it would not have been possible without @jvsnekkere building the old way and doing that in an exceptional manner! ...

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Preparations for the upcoming exhibition in Galleri Semmingsen. REPOST - this time with the right date: OCTOBER 23. I still have a lot to do, but am thankful that it is not -25 degrees C outside anymore. 😅 #skulptur #kunst #oslo #stonecarving #sculpture #granite ...

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@gallerisemmingsen OSLO

Creating new work, hope to see you there

#sculptures #oslo #exposition #skulptur

Picture credits @lpjonassen

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On my way to my atelier on Singløya with bronze sculptures and dinner 🌞 ...

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I’ll be opening my new exhibition at Gallery Semmingsen the 14. October. Save the date!


#exhibitions #sculpture #artwork #sculptureart

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Visiting an old friend. (Photo by @lpjonassen ) ...

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Fredrik K.B.

Fredrik is a member of Norwegian Sculptors Society and Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Galleri Semmingsen (Oslo) has agency rights and can be contacted for national/international inquiries. 

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