Fredrik’s sculptures are not abstractions, they are not even abstract, but highly concrete. They are images hewn from the rock. They are incarnated from mother earth, from matter herself…


– Geir Uthaug, Norwegian author

Statue 6
Statue 3
Fredrik arbeid

At any given time, there is someone doing something distinctly different. Something no one else can do, or even try. Something which, in what is both a hypersensitive and cynically-ironic art scene, appears independent enough to slip in and out of the conversation unaffected.

by Tommy Olsson, art critic Morgenbladet

It is difficult to criticise the sculptures of Fredrik K.B. without casting doubt on all human experience – which is an amusing thought until you realise this also applies to your very own experience…

It all started with a dream I had one night as a little boy. In this dream I walked into the mountain area called Jotunheimen to escape from all the people…

A portrait of Fredrik K.B. made by Felixfilm. In this video Fredrik tells about the origine of his quest of sculpting stone and what still drives him.

Photos from the atelier

To see photos from the atelier of emerging sculptures, projects and more, click the link below…

Fredrik K.B. on Instagram

New sculpture outside Hotel Continental in Oslo; the third of the Sami (native Norwegian) goddess-sisters cut from the wonderful Masi Quartzite from Kautokeino. ...

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Yesterday was... well... a good day at work! 🤗 ...

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This new sculpture is cut from Spectrolite from Finland. The crystals are amazing, but only to be seen when looked at from the right angle with the right light... humble, not obvious beauty - the best kind! 😊 if interested, please contact @gallerisemmingsen ...

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«Balder» cut from Masi quartzite from Kautokeino in the North of Norway. ...

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Repost Galleri Semmingsen • @gallerisemmingsen Outside the gallery two noble sculptures Balder and Urmoren (Mother Earth) by Fredrik K.B. Inside you will find a smaller, newer piece of his called "Strong". @fredrik_kb
Apart from the solo exhibition, we have several exciting treasures to see in our storeroom. #contemporaryart #painting #drawings #fineartphotography #oslo #tjuvholmen #norway🇳🇴

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@johansenmonument Moving ladies with @fredrik_kb
#Masi #quartzite #kautokeino #sápmi #goddess #norway #indigenous #mythology #sculpture #art #sculptor #fredrikkb #hotelcontinentaloslo #kunst #billedhugger #norsk #naturstein #håndverk #johansenmonumenthuggeri

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Exhibition is open 😊 Coningsby Gallery, London. ...

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Opening tonight 17:00 in Coningsby Gallery, London. The exhibition will be opened by The Rt Hon Earl Howe, Deputy Leader of the House of Lords. Welcome! ...

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This lady was moved outside today - out into the sunlight where she shines even brighter! «Urmoren» #gallerisemmingsen #johansenmonumenthuggeri #tjuvholmen #larvikitt #skulptur #sculpture ...

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Exhibition in Oslo with 25 new sculptures in granite and marble opening saturday.
Galleri Semmingsen, Tjuvholmen Oslo.
#gallerisemmingsen #johansenmonumenthuggeri

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Fredrik K.B.

Fredrik is a member of Norwegian Sculptors Society and Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Galleri Semmingsen (Oslo) has agency rights and can be contacted for national/international inquiries. 

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